This is a link up and I’ve been meaning to try it for a few weeks now but I always forget it and before I know it, it’s already Sunday! Haha! Today though I remembered it, finally! So here goes… a filler for that 12 page blog I’ve been writing for a few weeks now. Don’t worry or get too excited (feeler, wow!) because it’s not a long blog, I just put everything in there and it’s composed of unfinished blogs you wouldn’t want to read. Hehe!

1 .Finally saw Heneral Luna in the cinema last Wednesday with the unlikeliest people: my father and my youngest brother. I honestly cannot remember the last time we’ve watched a movie together, so high five! The movie was super good, well worth your money and time, so go catch it! The Philippine cinema is alive.


Who still makes the peace sign? My father, apparently.

2. Finishing 2 shorty script for the new show’s pilot! I don’t know when we’ll be shooting again, but honestly, I’m too excited! I haven’t been in a shoot in ages! I’ve got exciting topics! Just wishing I’d give justice to it since I’m still trying to figure out how things work.

3. Having my Friends poster framed and getting it later this afternoon! Woot! I’m so excited to get it! Wish I can go get it now! Yiiiii! Will update this with the finished product if I can!


Update: here it is! I braved Recto just to get this done! Worth it!

4. My brother’s dog, Yuri, just gave birth earlier this morning to a male pup! She snarled at me when I tried touching it but she allowed my brother to lift it to a new place. Does she hate girls? Is she sensing some maternal instinct from me that I clearly don’t have? Kidding!


The pup doesn’t have a name yet. Funny, no. Nauna pa magkaanak sa ‘kin. Ang sakit sa heart, beh.

5. It’s already fall in the US so this means one thing: my favorite series are back! Yay!

6. Blogging again even if I have tons of things to write to feed myself and pay the bills. Haha!

7. Okay, fine, aaminin ko na! #AlDub. Hahaha!

IMG_0252Hindi siya kinikilig sa #AlDub DAW, but he agreed doing the pabebe wave with me. 

8. Discovering new food! Peanut butter recipes is love.


9. And these friends!


Here’s to new work friends built on loving Prison Break, Breaking Bad, movies and basically bingewatching! #TitasOfManila


and cheers to friends you haven’t been with in a long time but seemed like you only just spent some time with yesterday


working in the same company with these girls again. New show with all of us soon, I hope!

10. Undergoing a debriefing session with a psychotherapist (cause I’m a psycho lol) and trying to move on with my life.

Didn’t realize this is going to be harder than I thought. I am normally a pessimist and a cynic so this is going to be challenge. Here’s to hoping that I get to continue this and continue finding happiness in the littlest things! What are ten things that made you happy this week?