Yeah, I know it’s no longer Friday, but I totally forgot about posting the things that made me happy this week, and there are a bunch of them, promise! Is there a country out there that’s still on Friday, though? If you’re from that part of the world, Happy Fri-yay to you!

Chissassy’s Opening. One of my good friends from my past life had her new waxing salon opened! Yay for new adventures and maturity lol. It was a great day because we got to hang out with our other friends we haven’t seen in a while and boy, did I miss them.


I present to you, 5/9 of my peyborit clingy friends. What’s that thing behind us? That’s optical illusion for you! Happy Halloween!


Visit Chissassy’s Waxing Salon at Second floor, Unit 2, St. William’s Hotel, Timog, Quezon City. They’re still giving 20% off on all services!

New shoes, new clothes! After the soft opening of Chissa’s salon, I went to the mall and got myself an amazing maxi dress and this romantic white lace skirt at half the price! I know I said I’m cutting back on clothes but, hooray for discounts! Also, got myself that Keds sneakers I’ve been pretending I don’t like in forever. Hahaha. What? I need want new shoes!

First day of shoot. I seriously missed shooting for TV. I had my first shoot last Monday for CNN’s new season of DRIVE and it was just perfect. I really felt liked the new girl in school, but that’s okay, everything will start off something like that, right? I missed my past life and even if I try hard to convince myself that there’s something better for me to do than be in the media industry, I cannot think of anything as fulfilling as having something you have written come to life and see it on national TV. Fine, there are a lot, but I don’t know if I’d get to enjoy them as much as I do with doing this. (I need someone to talk to about this, can it be you? PM me? Hahaha!)


We decided we want to break a car window on my first day. lol. I think I had some little pieces of shattered glass enter my eye because it hurt for two days, I got really nervous because I don’t know if I’m going blind. lol. But it’s all good.


BUT! I’d also have to say that I saw the end credits of my former show and my name wasn’t on the CBB (closing billboard) anymore, it was bittersweet, but what made me happy was that when I had my feelings checked, I had no more hatred in my heart. It was such a good feeling. I have to admit though, I’m going to miss having people randomly tell me that they saw my name on TV. Hahaha! Soon, guys, soon. My name used to be on the segment producers part.

Leftover cakes. My friend’s kid turned two and since I wasn’t able to come, she brought leftover cakes on work day and to my surprise, it was a mango-flavored one! I love anything mango-flavored! So yeah, that basically made my night. And catching up on my series, which brings me to…

The return of The Walking Dead + new series! If you know me enough, you’d know how much of a sucker I am for anything zombie-related. And this week’s return of The Walking Dead just practically made my entire week! Hahaha! And it was just a Monday. Lol. Also, Grey’s Anatomy still has it’s touch (and their scoring’s never been better! The best!) How To Get Away With Murder is becoming darker and twistier, and Scandal is becoming more, for lack of a better term — scandalous. Also, iZombie is back and I started watching this new zombie series Z Nation. So, I’m following 4 zombie apocalypse themed series now, the fourth one being Fear the Walking Dead, TWD’s spinoff, which had a good season ender. Z Nation was okay, not at par with TWD, but if you’re up for some zombie whacking, light, sarcastic, too good to be true, “did they just had that plot put in there what were they thinking” kind of series, then give it a go. The best thing about it is that I don’t get too attached to characters, the way I do with TWD so if they get offed, then that’s okay. I know what you’re thinking, I watch too much TV, I need to get a life, but who asked for your opinion again? Yeah, thought so, too. Hash tag defensive.

Senti mode playlist on Spotify. I was feeling so down last Tuesday for no apparent reason that I typed in “senti” on Spotify and came across the “senti mode!” playlist. Love it. Exception to the rule: some OPM songs in it. Tanslation: Sarah Geronimo songs. Listen to it!

Got a massage last Wednesday, yo! It has been so long. I think the last time I’ve had one was in Cambodia, and it wasn’t even a full body massage. This one’s so much better I fell asleep during the session.

Watching my sister-in-law Vanezza teach my niece Poipoi how to read and spell. So my internet was down last Thursday I had to go to my brother’s house for work. My sister-in-law was teaching Poipoi and it was very reminiscent of how my mother teaches us to read and spell before. And by that, I mean, a lot of tears and pinching and hair pulling, cariño brutal at its finest. Don’t hate my mom, I turned out okay, no need to call the social service! That’s just tough love, hahaha! Miss you, mama!

The gloomy Manila weather is both making me happy and sad. But this is a ten happy things post so it makes me happy that it’s not as hot as it is and it’s sweater weather, cuddle weather, tuyo weather. I’m all good with this weather just as long as I stay at home and don’t get my feet/shoes/umbrella wet. That getting a wet umbrella is kind of my stupid weird thing.

My sturdy headset. I thought I lost it a few months back, then a few weeks back I accidentally had the left ear piece dipped in a dish (which resulted in a less audible sound produced, but returned to its normal sound level after a while) then yesterday, it got rolled over by a luggage and distorted the right wire’s outer layer. I’m just so happy it still works perfectly because I do not intend to buy another one at Php 1,600.00! Not fair, Apple. Thank you my dear headset for not giving up on me.

And there you have it! Ten things that lifted up my somber days this week. Must be the hormones, or the weather or that thing that’s been clouding my head for days now. What made you happy this week?

P.S. To whoever’s back reading the entire site, thank you. But I have to warn you, you wouldn’t like the 2009 and beyond Carmina. That annoying teenager is making me cringe. Why does she think her minute problems matter and the world is going to stop revolving because of her? Oh yeah, she was a teenager, a dramatic one at that. Don’t go beyond that year. Hahaha. You have been warned.