Ola amigas! I wish life is treating you well. Me, I’m at that point where I think I’ve become a leaf getting blown by the wind, letting it take me anywhere –constantly searching on where I should be. The bright side from all of these? I’m still sleeping on my bed; I’m still eating three times a day, more if I wanted to; I’m still able to update this blog; I can still buy the stuff that I WANT; I’m well; I’m alive. See? I’m now seeing the glass half full.
The whole point of this update? Nothing much. I just can’t sleep, my monthly friend has come by to punch my stomach for 24 hours straight, so having a good night’s sleep is a little far fetched tonight, to be honest. IYKWIM. So I figured why not update?
With what? A nice playlist, maybe? They say you can tell a lot by the kind of music a person listens to. I have always been interested in the kind of music people listen to. For instance, I’ve long wondered what my school’s former charming president listens to whenever he jogs around the campus. Stalker alert! A few years back, he tweeted about jogging or going to the gym. I replied to the tweet with: I’ve always wondered what you were listening to when you jog around the campus sir. And he answered! He tweeted back and said, mostly Michael Jackson/Jackson 5. Nice. 

Me? I tend to listen to old music in the pop/rock/pop rock/alternative genre mixed with bands from the 90s to the 2000s when bored, or want to shut out the world. I almost never listen to new songs, I don’t know why. I wait for them to become old before listening to them. (I used to be a Taylor Swift closet fan, today, not so much)

Anyway, I have more than a thousand songs on my playlist, but I figured I want to list 12 of those I am currently listening to — those that are synced in my phone I can easily listen to.

1. Bette Davis’ Eyes – originally by Kim Carnes (have it too!) but I have TSwift’s on phone! 

2. Here, There, Everywhere – Beatles

3. Better That We Break – Maroon Five

4. Brighter Than Sunshine – Aqualung

5. Never Let You Go – Third Eye Blind

6. Drops of Jupiter – Train

7. Step Out – Jose Gonzalez

8. Love is an Open Door – Anna and Hans (Frozen)

9. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

10. Shake Yer Head – Eraserheads

11. Love Song for No One – John Mayer (story of my life)

12. Constellation Me – Joe Brooks
What are yours? Comment below!