This is the first time I’m doing this “Sunday Currently” thing the way it’s supposed to be, I usually do it — blabbing about things that have happened, but today, I’m following the bandwagon and doing it the way it should be, mainly because I don’t have the power to do it the Carmina-way today, but I’ve been meaning to update the blog for days now. Hem-hem.



Nothing, really. I’ve stopped reading Paper Towns a long time ago. I’m in the middle of reading The Art Of War because I’m taking a break from young adult books, but that was a few weeks back. If you’d consider going over Facebook posts as reading, then I’m doing that. Any books you want to recommend? Comment below!


This! And revising some scripts due this week, or at least trying to.


To the TV and my father annotating the UFC between Rousey and whoever she is fighting with today. People are so upset she lost, I couldn’t care less. Then there’s the electric fan by my side and the sound of cars passing by on the other.


About a lot of things. My grandmother just died and it still felt surreal. Nobody really thought she’d die soon. My big brother even said that it seemed lola was immortal. But her death only showed that nothing is permanent in this world. Rest in peace, lola. I hope you’re in a better place now. More about that and the documentary we did when I finally have the time. Also thinking about my future.


Nothing. Should I spray the air freshener just so I’d get to smell something?


the toothpaste on my mouth.


Nothing yet. I’m seeing the UFC game on my peripheral, though. Once I finish this, I’m catching up on Scandal.


That things will get better. A good mellow week. This week had been so stressful I just want to take a break. Like lie on my bed and be as useless as the G in lasagna. Also, world peace. I’d never get why people are stressing about Facebook’s French flag overlay when there are far more important things that people should worry about. Screw all these “selective sympathy,” people have died, let us all pray for a better world for the future.


To talk to my kras again. Hahaha! I miss talking to you na, uy!


A pink tank top paired with floral shorts, all set for bed time!


My Mik  Mik stash! I’ve been so stressed with this week that I need a picker upper, glad that they still sell Mik Mik powdered chocolate – it’s an old favorite of nineties kids who grew up in the Philippines.  And I seriously need to take a break from being a grownup right about now. My tita promised that she’ll buy me an entire pack soon, so yay!


A full body massage and a mani pedi to pamper myself. Before lola died, I went and researched for a documentary that ate up my entire weekend so please, please, please, I need those two for the longest time! The past couple of weeks had been hell, both physically and emotionally.


A break. A long gown for my friend’s wedding I’m attending. A body wax for the trip I’m going to in the end of November.


So tired and stressed. My mother’s side of the family is crazy. If you think your family is crazy, you need to meet mine. TOO. MUCH. DRAMA. I’m not even exaggerating. With a family like this, who needs enemies?  My head is hurting from everything that has happened this week. And also maybe because I played with my one year old niece and my idea of turning her around ‘til she gets dizzy backfired on me because now my head hurts from all the turning.

How’s your Sunday treating you?