January 30

I don’t think I need more drama in my life so I cut loose one of the longest friends I’ve had in my life. And by cut loose, I mean unfriended on Facebook. It’s funny how we’ve become that kind of people who cut loose people via the social media and address to it as the real life. I honestly don’t know what kind of beings we have become.

See, I’ve had an unexpected row with a friend this week who I didn’t realize feels I’ve been treating her like a small person for the longest time. Honestly, I don’t. I’m just that kind of person who insults people I am comfortable with. And I really thought she knew that. So that thing happened and today I decided I’m done with another negative chakra from people who are supposed to be my friends because I can pretty much supply the whole negativity by myself, thank you very much. It’s just there’s so much drama and since she also feels that I am inflecting a lot of my negative feels on her through my crassness, then I really feel that it’s better that we break. Thank you Adam, for that line.

Mind you though, I have thought about this long and hard, four days to be exact. In the end, what I want is to live in a social media world where I don’t feel the need to sanitize myself especially if you have known me for more than half my life and suddenly bitch about how bad of a friend I am just because I talk my mind.

But don’t feel that I’m going to harbor ill feelings toward this person. In my mind, she’ll always be one of my best friends who put up with a lot of my shit, as I did with her. But we’ve gone on separate ways and it’s so hard to be back on the same path again that I can no longer think of any better way to address the elephant in my feed than to end it. And if someday, we meet again, I hope you no longer see me as the insensitive little bitch that picks on people because she thinks she’s better than her (because I don’t and I’m sorry if you feel that way), and I no longer see you as the sensitive little girl who can’t take a friendly insult.

For now, goodbye.