Kumusta ka na? Andyan ka pa ba?
Hey, guys! I’m alive! If you’re still there, thank you, if you’re not, who can blame you, ‘no? Ganyan naman kayo e, maging cold lang minsan o tamarin mag-post, iiwanan niyo na. Charrr. Anyway, I’m feeling a little recharged and I figured it’s about time to update this blog after weeks of hiatus, finally! And what better way than to post another filler post? Hahaha! Kidding aside, I’m drafting several posts that will hopefully land on this corner in the interwebz.


The Happiness Project still. I seriously don’t know why I can’t seem to go beyond page 13, maybe the universe is telling me I don’t need a book to find my happiness? Promise to finish that one and maybe blog about it in the future!


This week’s Sunday Currently. I’m thinking if I still have the kasipagan required to write the Jomalig trip I recently went with my sister so let’s see. I’m feeling, yes, maybe. Praying that I also get to write that thing that’s been over my head for a few days now.


To Ed Sheeran’s Multiply album, if you want to be specific on which track, The Man. I miss listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore though, what a calming sound, guys.


If I should buy carminamones.com again to be legit once again or maybe carminawrites.com na lang? Kasi I think carminamones.com is still on the web limbo since I am a poor girl who can’t keep up paying for a domain hahahahahaha! Also so people won’t easily find me with carminamones.com. And by people, I mean prospective employers in the future loljk.


Shea butter – my lotion’s main ingredient. Yum. Can I eat myself?


that my sun burnt skin heals faster. This one’s a bitch. Ugh.


For better days ahead. Not that I’m having bad days, they’re okay. Just hoping for better ones because what can I say, this constant uncontentment is human nature. Also, that I become a better blogger/writer and update this site regularly.


My several year old tank top – one of the early tops I bought with my own moolah. Hehe. And ladies’ boxer shorts I got from Divisoria for P50. Steal, bitches!


The fact that I got to go to an awesome place for three days. Seriously, the sepanx I’m going through right now is depressing. I need to write about this stat!


That it’s Monday again tomorrow. 😦 This means I’m back to work – mamamalantsa na naman ako ng mga damit. LELZ. Katulong pala talaga ‘ko. Hahaha! Although I’m a little pumped with writing my script which is due Tuesday and some other Maputing Cooking stuvvz. Aah, the life of a freelancer.


To go back to the beach where my heart truly belongs — and perfect my sunset silhouette yoga pose.


To Google “how to alleviate sun burn” because my nape and back hurts whenever I try to touch it, I’m telling you, taking a bath is such a chore! How to stop this sting? It’s costing me sleep as well! Help meeee.


Pretty proud of myself for not opening any emails over the course of the week. Whaaat? Walang pasok!


Of a new job. Off the top of my head: proofreader for public restroom/washroom/bathroom notices. Aah, if only this were a real job.

What about you? How’s your Sunday going? Hope it’s not better than mine! Hahaha! 😂