So here I am trying to declutter my life stuff and suddenly I unearthed this small box of knick knacks I tucked from my high school and college life. Hey, small box, you just opened a humongous part of my life just now.

Sharing with you some of the things I managed to keep after almost three change of addresses, fifteen years and bajillion  K, less than a hundred “cleaning my stuff” days:

image1 (1)

  1. a tiny doll my friend Maris gave us for Christmas 2003/2004.
  2. a photo of one of my high school best friends Jet, and his PBA crush John Arigo. Why do I have a copy of this? Haha!
  3. graduation photo of one of my pagong, Ghe.
  4. an old ticket of our high school English play, “Why Women Wash The dishes?” Misogynist! Charot!
  5. a CD of our college project for Rizal. This is a gem! My college buddies would pay me not to post this online! HAHAHA!
  6. an old studio photo I have. Bakit, bakit nauso ang pagpapa-studio for no apparent reason at all?! Hahaha!
  7. a VGA resolution photo of when my high school best friends and I had an overnight stay in a hotel. Fun times!
  8. an old El Filibusterismo ticket. Shet, I think this was when half the time I was sleeping and half the time I was pre-occupied with having seated next to my crush. LOL.
  9. underneath it, the yellow paper, is my registration form in college. Look! Good Standing, beybe! Whaddup, PLMayers?
  10. that tiny paper says, “Hi Mina, happy birthday! Sorry ngayon ko lang nabigay regalo ko, ngayon lang ako nakabili ng gift wrapper. Joy.” HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Joy for that picture frame! LOL
  11. one of my elementary besties, was it you Anna? Or Ella? gave this cross stitched name thing-y. The three of us have this one! Look! It survived almost two decades na!
  12. a blurry prom photo! Damn, old digital cameras hahaha! or was it a cellphone camera?
  13. Ella! In a studio “pictorial” as well! HAHAHAHAHA!
  14. inside the box that contained all these and more not pictured: a formal shot for my college yearbook and Isabelle’s graduation photo!
  15. an old high school form we used in paying tuition. Funny thing Carmela wrote in there: 1 peso text fee for Romy and Uly. I think naki-text sila nito sa ‘kin! Signed below, Master Wa Zi Lei. Hahahaha! F4 days, jusme!
  16. an old Winnie the Pooh sticker!

Took a break from cleaning just to write about this! And boy, I’m glad I did. I’m glad I am part of a generation that valued letters and old tickets, candy wrappers, actual photographs complete with cute-sy dedications at the back, toys and even a pressed dragonfly I caught back in high school. Honestly don’t know why I kept that one.

Don’t need the nostalgia at a time when I’m decluttering to keep my mind off of thinking of the future, but what the hell, maybe God is kidding with me right now, bringing me back to the time when I don’t have bills to pay or dreams are just dreams and not goals that crushes you because he just can’t say “Yes” to me right now.


Ikaw? Kelan ka huling naglinis at nakakita ng stuvvz na nakapagpabalik sa ‘yo ng isang libo’t isang masasaya at nakakatawang mga alaala? Nakapagtago ka ba?

I wonder where I put my shoe (Pandora’s) box of really old stuff filled with letters and things that would spark an old memory? Hmmmm…