In 140 characters or less, if you don’t want them spoilers: Goosebumps, sweating, goosebumps, sweating, swearing, swearing, swearing, holds breath, YAS!!!! – me while watching Game of Thrones

tanginame all throughout the episode

  1. Oh, my god! OBB pa lang, ang lakas na ng kabog ng dibdib ko! My heart!
  2. Let’s go kill some northerners while I munch on this rice + beef steak combo!
  3. Oh, Okay, Miguel Sapochnik is a man who does not want to waste time, waaaar!
  4. The Mother of Dragons is not pleased. Tyrion looked like a kid who got his hands caught in the cookie jar and now he has to explain himself why he did that.
  5. Daenerys Stormborn be like: I am not my father. Oh, sister, you are! Thank God, the Imp is there for you, you lucky you.
  6. Beggar queen? You masters are going to get burned. Just wait and see.
  7. I’ve been waiting for Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows to get a life of its own. Oh, wait! Have to remind myself this was not Me Before You. Lelz.
  8. Drogoooon! Goosebumps! Okay, nagtawag ng kapatid ang lolo mo!
  9. Seven minutes into the episode and they’ve already killed half the city. Way to go, GRRM! Violence! So much violence!
  10. Fuckin’ Dothraki army to the rescue! Daario!!! Waaaah!
  11. If I were these men, I’d jump ship the moment I saw these three dragons together.
  12. Dracarys!!!
  13. Grey Worm is my favorite worm!
  14. Tangina si Daenerys! – me sending a private message to my sister
  15. On to the other battle… the one that has been brewing for over 8 episodes
  16. That one second shot of Lyanna Mormont oozed with some badass-ness we can never copy even with a lifetime of practice. How to be you po?
  17. Ramsay Bolton is a fucking coward. A psychotic sadist bastard who can only kill women and babies and old guys and people who do not see it coming. Fight like a man.
  18. Shaggydog huhuhu! I cannot with this series already killing direwolves one after another! I want to scream animal cruelty, but I live on the violence! Oh, the violence!
  19. “You are going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” Loaded words, Sansa. You are the woman! That’s how you do it, ikaw unang mag-walk out, pak ganern!
  20. ‘To si Ramsay, makapag-bastard akala mo naman kung sinong naging true born ang dugo nang in-acknowledge. Che! Pwe! Iimbento ako ng bagong mura before this episode ends na para lang sa’yo!
  21. Jon, sit down and listen to Sansa. You know nothing, remember? Why do redheads always need to tell you that?
  22. “Happy shitting” This Tormund and Ser Davos moment makes me think that something bad is going to happen to them. Oh, wait, di nga pala to Walking Dead, hahahaha!
  23. Jon, when I said listen to redheads, I didn’t mean the Red Lady. She got Stannis killed. And Shireen, too!
  24. Dear Red Lady, please bring all the direwolves back.
  25. LOL at the Red Lady’s dialogue on this one. Naka-shabu yata si teh.
  26. Ser Davos finding where they burned Shireen. </3
  27. But that shot though, so serene. If GoT was set in 2016, this is very Instagrammable, could be his next cover photo. LOL
  28. When will Theon get his confidence back? If he lost it with his penis, will he never get it back again? Guys, answer.
  29. Where does the Mother of Dragons get her dresses made? Pa-order, hm sis?
  30. I ship Daenerys + Yara. Ooh, the flirtation! Love is love
  31. Daenerys Stormborn: no more raping daw, #changeiscoming
  32. Jon’s man bun. I want to be the girl who makes Jon’s hair in a tight war bun.
  33. Ang charky ng sigil ng House Bolton. Ang primitive!
  34. Baby Rickon! Don’t die! Please do not let another Stark die today!
  35. But this is Game of Thrones where they kill off babies, so, not much luck for you, you’re going to get your head chopped off like your father, but ramsay, can you please tell me first where you get your blades sharpened? My knives are blunt. No? Not today? OK.
  36. Run, Rickon, Run!
  37. Zigzag, beh! Zigzag, beh! Ano ba?! You’ve been gone three seasons, you should have practiced to run, didn’t Osha taught you anything leche! Takbooooo! Make it harder for Ramsay to kill you!
  38. Rickon drops dead. And just as he’s few feet away from Jon. What. The. Fuck.
  39. Jon, no. Jon, no! JON, NOOOOO! DOOOOOON’T!!!!
  40. Wunwun, kick some Bolton’s army’s ass!
  41. Is it just me or this shot of the running horses so calming?
  43. Fuckin’ awesome cinematography! That could be Jon’s next cover photo, complete with a totally unrelated bible verse as caption.
  44. Clash of the horses! Alayket!
  46. SO MUCH ARROWS SHOT. How in the world did Jon not get hit once? I bet you guys, he took some Felix Felicis before the battle.
  47. Please don’t kill Ser Davos! Please don’t kill Ser Davos!
  48. Fuck you, Smalljon Umber. Fuck you, very much, fucking traitor.
  49. Oh my God! Ito yung totoong : Sumuko na kayo! Napaliligiran na namin kayo!” scene. PNP, take note.
  50. Death by spears. Wise and brutal.
  51. That body pile!
  52. Not Tormund!!!!!
  53. Jon Snow getting trampled on gives you the idea at how the people died in the Wowowee tragedy.
  54. Jon is like, “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world”
  55. Putangina! Tormund got some of Rick Grimes’ biting skillz. You show them, Tormund!
  56. Knights of the Vale to the rescue! Well, that was predictable. I’ve never thought I’d be happy to see Petyr Baelish come and save the day.
  57. Ramsay Boton’s face should be the official meme for the: well, now I’m fucked. RUUUN!
  58. Jon, Tormund, Wunwun: the North’s Holy trinity
  59. Break down that door, Wunwun! How many arrows can you take?
  60. NOOO! Wunwun, YOU DA REAL MVP! – my sister Cat
  61. One arrow, two arrow, three arrow, floor! – Ramsay Bolton
  62. Jon is losing it! Kill that Mothafuckah!
  63. Ooops, nope. Let Sansa do it.
  64. Bolton banners down, Stark banners are up! The Starks are home. I’m not crying, you are!
  65. “Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear.” Bye, Ramsay! Nice to know you, goodbye! On to the next villain.
  66. Ramsay Bolton getting eaten by his dogs. Satisfying. I just wished his dogs ate his penis first, one for Theon!
  67. This series will seriously awaken the violent beast in you.
  68. Hell hath no fury like a Sansa Stark raped and tortured.
  69. On a scale of 1 to Sansa Stark, gaano ka kalupit sa mga umapi sa ‘yo?
  70. That last little Sansa smirk/smile is something I’’ll be practicing on the mirror. Say hello to your Queen of the North!
  71. Tapos na? MOOORE! MOOORE! MOOORE!
  72. *drops dead and waits to be awakened by Monday


Well that was… tiring. Some final thoughts, Game of Thrones showed you people that you should respect women. Sige, catcall pa! Who run the world?

got girls

Also, run in zigzags when arrows are shot at your direction also when you’re being chased after by a crocodile. Make sure to have the best kuya in the world and make him listen, props if sing-pogi ni Jon. Lastly, feed the dogs, you guys.

I’ve seen three movies this June and several this year, one of which is starred by the Mother of Dragons and Tywin Lannister no less, while the other one was filled with not just one, but several superheroes, one of which is my love, Paul Rudd, but! Episode 9 is the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2016. Epic fight! Storyline was predictable, we all know the Knights of the Vale are going to come, but that twenty minute battle scene is amazingly done, you’d wonder if Filipinos can ever pull off something as jaw dropping as this entire scene. I’ve read they shot it in 25 days, with 70 horses, 500 extras and a helluva lot moolah. This is the one to beat, though Hard Home is still one of the best episodes for me. The Night King’s stare is really something. But in terms of so much feels, the last time I felt like this was HP 7.2 in Deathly hallows. So much death, JK!

Sansa Stark really upped her game this season, princess dreams no more, avenge your family, if you can’t do it as Jean Grey, do it as Sansa lol.

Half the year’s almost gone, Sansa Stark has stepped up and reclaimed Winterfell. What have you done with your life, so far?