Mehehe. Didn’t realize the last time I did something like this was 2015’s Holy Week pa. In my defense, I was out of town Holy Week 2016 so no new recommendations from me! As if you want to know my watch list.

But if you’re thinking about spending your Eid’l Fitr holiday in your bed, (because damn, it’s smacked dab in the middle of work week you can’t just go travel, unless you want to go on a day trip in this weather, then by all means go!) with chips in your hand, here are some films/shows I’ve currently seen that you may want to give a try. C’mon, give your social media a break, we don’t need another #POTD. Lelz.

So, I’ve been doing documentaries lately and wanted to look at how other documentaries are made for inspiration. It’s perfectly okay you know. I attended a seminar and some of the 2 “I” steps included imitate and innovate.

I really liked Making A Murderer, and live tweeted it when I was watching it sometime this year so I was looking for other documentaries in the same genre. Not that I was making murder-themed documentaries, but I’m a bit of obsessed with murder and suspense stuff, so I looked into the genre and I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I’ve seen I thought I might share them with you. Also because one of my favorite characters in Orange is the New Black died, I needed a diversion.

If you liked Making A Murderer, and for your #staycation needs, you’re welcome.

Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father


Dear Zachary is a documentary made by a filmmaker for his deceased friend’s kid. Here’s the premise: Dr. Andrew Bagby was a resident who has an ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a psychopath. The ex killed him and as they were trying the murder case, it turns out the psycho ex girlfriend was pregnant with Andrew’s son. Andrew’s parents wanted the custody of the kid, Zachary. At about this time, one of Andrew’s childhood best friends, Kurt, made a documentary about him to show to his kid. He interviewed people who have been a part of Andrew’s life.

It was supposed to be a very touching documentary about a father for his son, but just as it was touching and emotional, the turn of events made it into a suspense-thriller kind of film with twists and turns that will leave you devastated and an emotional trainwreck by the end of the documentary. Pursue with caution, preferably with tissue and water to keep yourself hydrated.

The Imposter


After watching Dear Zachary, I decided to watch The Imposter next. This docu-movie is about a con artist who conned his way from Spain to United States. The movie started with a family living in Texas, USA grieving their missing brother/son, Nicholas Barclay. Nicholas have been missing for three years and four months now. The family then got a call that Nicholas have been found… in Spain.

Nicholas’ sister went to Spain to fetch her long lost brother to bring him home to his family. Only he wasn’t their brother. He was Frederic Bourdin, a French con artist who tricked this family in believing he was the lost kid.

This documentary is crazy, gripping, mind blowing, and would definitely give Catch Me If You Can a run for its money. Why wasn’t this turned into a full-length movie? I’d watch it!

Child of Rage

beth thomas

Beth Thomas is a six year old girl who will give you the creeps and will put your demon children movie dreams into reality. But this is because Beth have been molested and abused and has only known rage all her life. She had been abused all her life up until she got adopted.

Soon after she got adopted with her brother, Beth showed signs of violence and was just as harmful as her sadistic birth father. She has no conscience and shows no remorse with everything she did.

I have never been disturbed all my life in watching a six year old tell her therapist that she would like to stab her brother and her adoptive mother. I still cringe at the image of her banging her brother’s head on the wall so she could kill him and her telling it like she’s telling you she had cereals for breakfast.

I’ve yet to watch Central Park 5, another documentary, damn internet’s too slow. So right now, I’m watching BBC’s mini-series Night Manager starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie suggested to me by the birthday girl, Jet.  In between, I’m trying to finish reading A Song Of Ice And Fire while arranging my files on my shiny, new hard drive. Hahaha! Obsessing over it! Lol!

If you want to see the docus we’re making, check out Pluma on Facebook. Also, here’s a documentary I helped that was shown in Singapore last year, Teen Mum Island.

First part of Couch Potatoh Tales.

Copies of the mentioned films I got in the internetz.

What about you? Any movie or documentaries to recommend?