Allow me to be a girly girl today and take a break from my usual reklamador, maraming ipinaglalaban self by sharing with you my recent lipstick haul.


Two weeks ago, I went to the mall alone to get a much needed haircut. My appointment was at 7:40 PM leaving me with an hour to window shop. I know it’s a bad idea and I should’ve just waited and read a magazine in the salon, but my feet brought me to Watson’s. I immediately went to the makeup section because drugstore makeups are the BOMB.

Ever Bilena in Dusk, P165.00

duskphoto not mine

image5this looks darker in real life

I was looking for a new deep red lipstick shade and this Ever Bilena tube immediately caught my eye. It’s a deeper shade of my usual red, Storm, so I figured, yeah. I’d give this a try. Love this red – almost maroon type. I’m a big fan of mattes that does not really dry out your lips. Another thing I love about this shade is that it stays on for about 4-5 hours, until you have to eat.  At a price that’s under two hundred bucks, I’m sold.

Then I saw that Maybelline’s on sale, apparently, July’s National Lipstick month, and they’re selling their creamy mattes at 25% off. Like any other girl, put a discount signage on it, and you have my attention. I looked at their collection and this shade got me oooh.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Neon Pink, P229.00

neon pinkphoto not mine

image4when applied, BAM!

If you know me well, I’m the kind of girl whose lipstick shade only goes the extremes of two spectrums: reds and nudes. So I’m not entirely sure why picked this neon pink lippie. Maybe I want to try something new? It’s not that I don’t have pinks in my lipstick arsenal, but they’re mostly in muted pinks and mauves that resemble the color of my lips to give it a livelier color and not make me look pale. Or maybe it’s Maybelline? LOL

Anyway, what I like about Color Sensational is that it is smack dab in the middle of creamy and matte-y, if you could call it that. Alayket! But I still haven’t’ took this one out on a spin because I’m not yet in a party mood to wear a shocking pink lipstick. I went out the store with two new lipsticks in hand.

A few days later, my mama tagged me along to a trip to Quiapo, where we entered the wrong store but I ended up buying two more lipsticks. I know, I sometimes hate myself and my compulsive need to buy pretty things. I got these nude/brown nudes at a steal.

Kiss Proof

photos not mine

Kiss Proof is this super cheap lipstick that’s from China, that I love. I know, “China” and “love” in one sentence? Traitor! And by cheap, I mean, CHEAP!!! You can own every color and it will not leave you broke. I first saw a friend wearing it and I instantly said, “OMG, ang ganda ng shade ng lipstick mo! Patingin!” and that was how I first fell in love with Kiss Proof.

Kiss Proof looks a lot like your jumbo crayons and comes with its own sharpener, very easy to apply, and dries quickly. Although I haven’t tried kissing someone to test its claim of “long wearing,” I did have to rub my lips liberally with wet tissue just to get it off my lips and try out the other shade for this post. So I think, yes it’s long wearing. Also, drank a lot of water and the lipstick didn’t budge. So YAY!

Downside: it dries up your lips. Use lip balm and you’re good to go.


8photo not mine


This shade is a bit darker than #005 and a shade bit nearer to Mac Whirl, but I heard #17 is closer to that elusive MAC shade. I used this when we went to see a movie and a friend said, “bakit ang itim ng lips mo?” while another one said, “ah, terno sa lips mo yung kuko mo!” (I was wearing nude polish) after saying “bakit ang putla mo?” earlier that day. This color left me confused. But I still liked it!


5photo not mine

#005 is a cross between a muted pink and nude and is perfect for when you want to achieve that no-makeup makeup look.


This and #008 is perfect if you’re wearing smokey eye so you’d have all attention directed at your eyes.

In 1770, British Parliament banned lipstick, saying it had the power to seduce men into marriage, which was classified as witchcraft. Upon further research, I’ve found out that this wasn’t entirely true. Though this could’ve been a very cool law, if you’d ask me. This one though is based on a paper on lipstick, a study made in Harvard and it says that in 1906, New York’s Board of Health considered banning lipstick out of concern that it might poison the men who kissed women wearing it. Fierce.

I was wearing this shade when I got harassed in the jeepney last week, so I guess, the whole witchcraft thing worked? Or should I have kissed the guy and poison him in the process? EEW.

Conclusion: 1770 fake law might be a legit law after all. Also, I’m on the (witch) hunt for other Kiss Proof shades.

What about you? What are your latest shutting-down-the-patriarchy-one-lipstick-at-a-time purchase?

And while we’re at it, here’s an old lipstick review and some beauty stuvvz I can’t live without, if ye wanna know.