Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to write about this ever since I realized that I’ve been blogging for a decade now. Ten years, bes, ten years! Woah! I know. That long. Who would’ve thought I’d stay interested in this for ten years? I didn’t!

When I started blogging back in 2006, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it up. I started chronicling my life experiences when my college friend, and now kumare, Patty, shared with me one of her blogs. I think it was Multiply, or xanga, or was it livejournal? It was during the early days of blogging, and the main social media was Friendster. You know, pa-testi naman! Anyways, Patty was maintaining a lot of blogsites that time that I can’t remember which site it was.

I remembered telling myself then, hey, I think I should try this and give up my journal writing/scrapbooking entirely, although those journals contained more things that shouldn’t be shared to the entire world haha. So I started with Friendster blogs, then later on moved to Multiply when my Film professor asked us to make one where he’d check our movie reviews. Multiply was my first love – blog site wise.

When Multiply started becoming an online buy and sell site, I moved to Blogger, Facebook Notes and had another secret Blogger account for more personal thoughts I wish not to share to people who knew me. A few years ago, when Multiply finally shut down, I transferred most of the blogs from Multiply to this WordPress account. I deleted the old Blogger and forgot the secret blogger’s password lol so that’s in a limbo, and made this site, my current inner demons’ home.

I decided to download and repost most of my old posts (I didn’t filter, there were still some old blogs I haven’t had time to post for ages because I’m that lazy, okay?) before Multiply closed down because I feel like some of those stuff, though written by an amateur, hey, still an amateur who am I kidding lol, reading them made me look back at how I changed and grew up over the years. I think that’s the beauty of maintaining a blog, you get to see how much you’ve grown from the jejemon (ugh, I cringe at myself from reading these past posts) to the mej brokenhearted, to the annoying teen who thinks the world should revolve around her to the mean, opinionated, I’ll post whatever I want girl and should I say wise person I have now become. Lol. Bigay niyo na sa ‘kin yun. Nakikibasa ka lang! And then some. There’s only one person I know who still reads my stupid 2006 posts and I’ve been threatening him to taking them down but I still haven’t because I’m too lazy to do that. Haha. #oneday

Re-reading some posts even make me think, “I wrote that?” “Hey, I have a sense of humor!” “That was stupid, why did I write that?” “Oh, gawd, that’s awful. Why is this blog still here?” to “Hahaha! Tangina, ang gago ko!

Oftentimes, I’d think about what my life has become and back reading old posts helps me in remembering the good, the bad, the mundane, and the ugly. Also because I have a really bad memory of stuff that happened to me and didn’t left a huge mark, so recounting them in this site is definitely one of the best ideas I’ve had for myself. Not to mention the number of friends I met online who are really cool writers as well. Come on, bakit hindi na kayo nagsusulat guys? I can’t be the only one left.

While I do enjoy sharing with my network my writings, and really feel glad reading your compliments/bola, haba ng hurrr, this whole blog, I’d hate to tell you, is not really for you, but for my own sanity. Like sometimes I need to exorcise demons in my own head that writing about them is the only way to quiet them.

Okay, ang haba na. To celebrate, I looked back to all 379 posts and sharing with you some of my favorite posts. If you’re new here, these are some of the posts that I really enjoyed writing and would like to share them again with you:

  1. Sometimes Dreams Start From Staring At A Hole – or that time I got inspired writing about my family renting houses. This post ended up in Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood.
  2. A Letter To Graduates – originally a short letter from my 2010 self to newly grads, I revised this and still keeps on sharing it on my social media every graduation season because it’s still that relevant.
  3. This Is What It’s Like To Work With An Award-Winning Journalist – I had the chance to write for my favorite I-Witness host, someone who I looked up to, and this was the experience.
  4. I Am A Wander Woman – where I chronicled my experience and thoughts as I ventured on traveling alone for the first time in forever.
  5. Things I Learned By 27 – I wrote about things I’ve learned for the past 27 years of my life here on earth. I’d like to do this again in two weeks’ time. #birthdayblog
  6. Hair-volution: Or The Road To Having Crayola-Vomit Hair – I rarely play with my hairstyle but 2014 was the year I decided to do it and this was a really nice experience. I’d do it again if someone else would pay for it. LOL.
  7. 100 Hapy Days: Finding Happyness – remember when the hash tag #100happydays were all the rage in social media? I decided to write about it and people’s pursuit for happiness. I truly loved writing this post.
  8. INTERVIEW TIP: Isa Pang Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question Bubuntalin Ko Na Yung Interviewer O Maglalaslas Na ‘Ko – this has got to be one of the evergreen posts in this blog and has the highest traffic, I think. A lot of people look for actual answers from regular people looking for a job. Do you think I should make a part two of this?
  9. Date A Girl Who Does Research For A Living – patterned after “Date A Girl Who Reads”, I wrote this during my stint as a TV program researcher and one of my favorite things I’ve written, kaya nga andito, ang kulit haha!
  10. On Landing Your Dream Job Or Not – I wrote about my work experiences and the realization that all of my work experiences led me to my dream job at the time – working for a major TV network. That everything will fall into place, at the right time. If you’re not yet there, it’s not yet the right time.
  11. Isang Libo’t Isang Tanong – a reimagined landian Q and Q portion/conversation between two people. Inspired by conversations from two guy friends.
  12. Of Xs and Ys: My Love-Hate Relationship With Math – this blog was written through a dialogue from one of the series I was watching then, Emily Owens, MD. It was so cute that I explored the idea and it became this pa-matalino/full of metaphors blog. I just love metaphors, that’s why.
  13. Of Fireworks And Doomsday Events – a short fiction written for two of my crushes at the time. Hahaha!
  14. Gusto Ko Ng Mag-Resign – chronicling my first taste of quarter life crisis. I’m currently the self-proclaimed club president and muse, base on my Instagram bio.
  15. My Stepford Boyfriend – inspired by Stepford Wives where I reimagined the Stepford wife into a Stepford boyfriend aka the perfect boyfriend, that does not exist. Haha!

There! If there are 15 things you need to know about me, those might be the blogs that would give you an idea on how this blog works. You don’t need to read all 379 of them!

Going over all those blogs and writing about all the people I’ve met in those ten years made me realize and tell you that, if you do not want your life to be made public, do not befriend a writer. She will surely write about you, at one point or another. Haha. #protip But if you’re fine with that, you better feel fucking special, because we only write about people that leave an imprint in our lives – we hate you or we love you.


To everyone who has read and read about themselves here, I hope I made justice to what you think about yourself haha; to those who stayed, visited from time to time, and pushed me to keep on writing and updating this post, salamat. You guys (the five readers lol char) are amazing. You make me feel happy and my writings validated. Here’s to another decade and more adventure-filled posts.


Tara, magsayaw na tayo.

Thank you!