NOTE: I have to warn you this post reeks of vanities. Get out before you get suck into it. Proceed with caution.

Hey guys, my name is Carmina and I have a resting bitch face, for the sake of this blog and my tamaditis, let’s call it (RBF). Lel. RBF means that, when my face lacks expression or emotion, or when I’m not talking, I’m thinking lost in my thoughts, or not interacting with anybody, I look like I’m mentally killing off my enemies in my head.

For reference. Granted, I was pretty pissed off when this was taken candidly as I was fighting for some employee rights lol but this is my face on any given day.

Cursed with the face that looks as if I have a stick that’s perennially stuck in my butt, I have been asked a lot of times if something’s wrong with me. Acquaintances would oftentimes think twice before approaching me, and friends would oftentimes tell me that the reason I’m single is because I look sungit, suplada, and too hard to approach. A guy friend would always tell me to smile more. Guys, for the record, it’s not my fault I’ve been blessed/cursed with this face. The good thing about it is I think I get catcalled less than most girls, which is pretty much my number one pet peeve in this patriarchal/macho man world we live in. But that’s for a whole other story.

A few weeks back, as I was doing my daily skincare routine, I noticed that I’m starting to have frown lines on my forehead from having this face. A few lines got me on my toes and I panicked. Tangina, I’m becoming a full blown tita. “Shookt” at how my age is starting to show, I curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep that night. Charot. Hahaha! I started Googling for ways/products to stop my skin looking like my real age. Lol.

This was about the time I got suck into the mess that is called BeautyMNL. It’s an online store for skincare and makeup that carry stuff that I need to look like twelve again. Mehehe.

Current status of skin and beauty stuff. A quarter other stuff in here I got from BeautyMNL, the bane of my wallet’s existence.

Full disclosure of my skin type: (makapag-full disclosure kala mo big thing) dry to normal skin, small pores, fair to normal skin, gets pimples when stressed and/or during my period. My goal is to remove these damn lines and have smaller pores in the skin beside my nose in the process. Yung pores ko dun ang visible. I want to have Korean dewy skin, like kingina, nung naghasik ang Diyos ng pores, naka-colorful payong with sunscreen at hat silang lahat.

Armed with the power of skin research, I decided to try out their seven step skincare routine, because I have the time hahaha! Give me more writing/producing raket guys, para mawalan ako ng time lol. It’s this super strenuous skincare regimen only made for hardcore vain people. Tamad people don’t even try doing this at home. Note that this is the night time routine that I follow. Iba yung morning routine.

Step 1-2: Double cleansing routine. I never realized I started doing this routine way before I knew what it was. From the words itself, it means, you wash your face twice as much as you normally would. First is you need an oil based cleanser and follow it up with your regular water based cleanser to remove both oil based and water based makeup and dirt your face got the whole day you’re up and about, which, if you think about it kind of makes sense. I’ve been using Human Nature’s Sunflower beauty oil and Human Nature Tomato Cleanser for the longest time. Every three days or when I feel like ang dumi dumi ko, I substitute the tomato cleanser with Human Nature Strawberry Exfoliating Wash.

Step 3: Clay mask. I use this every three days. I’m currently using this Jericho thing that I got last year. I was forced by this Russian girl to buy it last year in Galleria, haha, leche, napilit ang ate niyo. Anyway, they say clay masks get rid of deep seated dirt and it makes your skin look younger or parang ate Russian said all the dirt from 27 years ago are lifted lol, ewan bat ako naniwala. I guess it’s also because when she tried it on my skin, it absorbs the products you put next much better. I also noticed it makes my pores smaller after use, and mahal so I keep using it. And also because galing ng Dead Sea shizz. If you want to be biblical about tit, Ezekiel said that one day, it will become fresh water and have fishes (shemps I Googled that). So one day, ma-achieve mo rin ang skin na bet mo. Lol  I wanna try Innisfree’s Jeju clay mask once I’m done with this jar though.

Step 4: Use toner. Depending on my skin condition, I use two kinds of toner. If I’m breaking out, I currently have three small pimples cause Mother Nature wouldn’t let me have good skin, I dilute Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (use with the Mother) with water and use it as toner. I regularly use V&M’s Witch Hazel Toner – a pore minimizing toner, which I really fucking LOVE. Aside from it being proudly Philippine made, it also really does wonders for my skin! My semi-visible pores are smaller and it does not sting or leave my skin dry compared to Belo’s pore minimizing toner, na ramdam mo ang alcohol content – bad for skin. I have one here of that, if anybody uses that brand, lemme know, Imma give it to you.

Step 5: Serum. I want to get in to this whole essence thing and I really want to try Laneige’s Waterbank Essence, but it’s currently out of stock everywhere so I’m currently fine with doing the serum thing. I use V&M’s Tsubaki Oil. Tsubaki oil is believed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars and moisturizes the skin. It’s a bit pricy at P800, but OHMYGAHD the effects are really that GOOD! My frown lines and other lines on my forehead are less visible and I’m waking up to more moisturized skin. What I love more about it is it only consists of three ingredients which I think makes it more potent and directly treats my issues. Two drops goes a long way, three to four pag di ka masyadong maganda. Charrr. Oh yeah, I bought Miniso’s hydrating rose essence oil yesterday and I combined it with Tsubaki Oil, so let’s see how those two would work. Looking at adding argan oil in the mixture as well.

Step 6: Eye cream. All thanks to my friend Lhouie’s pasalubong from Canada, I got some free Shiseido Ibuki eye cream haha! It feels cold and a little goes a long way as well, but I couldn’t tell if it’s working since my eye wrinkles (?) only ever appears whenever I smile, yes, I do fucking smile, but I will keep on using it because prevention is better than cure. I’m going to start paying attention to it if it works, so let’s see.

Step 7: Sheet masks. I am currently obsessing over sheet masks right now. Face Shop had their 5 + 5 promo and I took advantage of that. I also bought Innisfree ones and other brands in BeautyMNL and so far, I’m loving Innisfree’s rose variant, and the other charcoal sheet mask (mej mahal at P130 per mask, others are at P65 range). Super good! I bought four different variants more from Face Shop from yesterday. I’m on the hunt for the best sheet mask for my skin so I wouldn’t have to try other stuff. I use this every three days as well. But if I used clay mask on this night, I’m using the mask the next night. Or maybe I should start to use both the same day? Hmmm.

Step 8: WOAH! I didn’t realize na aabot ng step 8. I might be able to do the ten step routine pala in the morning when you add sunscreen to the entire regimen.  So step 8 is moisturizer. I used Shiseido’s Ibuki tandem back in the summer, but it’s getting colder in the PH, kala mo naman super lamig, but my skin gets dry patches so I switched back to Nivea Crème. You know you have to change moisturizers depending on the weather, right? Anyway, it’s heavier and could feel greasy so apply a thin layer in the morning and I only apply a helluva good portion at night. Soak in that moisture, face!

I rarely take selfies so here’s one with a friend lol. Around two weeks when I started the routine. #nofilter only wearing kilay and lip tint here.

So yun. I know, I know, just reading about it seems like a chore. It is actually, during the first few times you’re going to do it. Especially since I’m used to doing the simple cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. Minsan, nawala antok ko dahil sa dami ng steps lol. But now that I’m on my third week, it does not seem like a chore than it is the first time I tried it. I went from “WTF why am I doing this, tamad na me, gusto ko na sleep, but ginusto mo yan, ayaw mo ng wrinkles diba, kasalanan ‘to ng panonood mo ng kdrama inggitera ka” to “this isn’t that bad at all, keri mo naman pala ate gurl, ayan moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” It helps to do the routine while watching yer favorite kdrama for inspiration. HAHA.

I am so into this whole thing that last night, I thought that if I had more faces, I would try more products so I can see what really works for me hahaha baliw si ate! I really want to add Laneige’s water sleeping mask (Laneige, bilisan niyo mag-restock), so I can look like Hye Kyo na forever young and mabawi ko pa si Joong Ki before November cheret. #SongMonesCouple

If you want to do it, here are some things I have to tell you, aside from this whole regimen leaving a dent in your skincare budget allowance, it will also require some kind of dedication. Lol. But you know how they say it takes 21 days to form a habit? You can do it! I have also started reading the labels, mind you, and Google the ingredients first haha. Reviews also help! I like using PH-made products if available and works for me, because #SupportLocal tayo guys. If unavailable, I look at Korean/Japanese brands more now. My friend Chissa and I were discussing skincare and she said some celebrity mentioned we should use Asian products more since our skin type’s closer to theirs. Right? Right.

Oh yeah, here’s one I took two nights ago when I saw I had beach waves. 

But of course, aside from shelling out money for these kinds of vanities, you also got to drink more water (my friend Dickson swears by pineapple juice) to remove toxins (literally) and release yourself from all life’s negativities (figuratively), toxic people will stress you out, nakakapangit and nakakatanda yan. Proven and tested no! You feel good, you look good, diba? At the end of the day, you may have a resting bitch face and it might be hard to always wear a smile, but at least sa face lang bitch, AWOW coming from me no? HAHAHA.  Just remember you can’t Tsubaki oil your way out of that nasty attitude, beh. Beauty inside and out bigla LOL.

Also wear sunscreen, BYE!