Trisha Velarmino of P.S. I’m On My Way recently wrote about the contents of her phone’s notes. Like her, I also write snippets of possible blog entries and various thoughts I think would be a good jump off points or whatever, just random thoughts I had on a particular moment on my phone’s notes. Fun fact: my second Youngblood article published in 2014 was entirely written on my phone’s notes app. Maybe all writers do that, I don’t know.

So today, I did the same and realized there was an unpublished “Random 10” post (where I write ten random things about me because who else should I talk about in here? Kapitbahay ko? Char) in there I still haven’t posted. There a lot of stuff in there, interesting and embarassing ones, but for now, here’s that post written back in 2015 – no edits.

I talked about FRIENDS in 1 and 2 so here’s a photo of me in Central Perk SG. one of the best days of my life!
1. I have watched all ten seasons of FRIENDS more than thrice that I know most of the lines the characters utter. But I still laugh every time I watch an episode. I need to get a life.

2. How I Met Your Mother is always compared with FRIENDS. I can’t/wouldn’t watch that series because it feels like I’m cheating on FRIENDS.

3. I’m the only person I know who has both names utilized properly. It’s Carmina Giezzele, by the way. Depending on how close we are, you can call me Carmina, Mina, Minatots, Mins, Minamins, Carmi (if we’re friends or workmates or acquaintances) Gzel, Chill, Tinek, Neksti, Aditey, Tetey, Duding, (if you’re family or we grew up together, I realized I have a lot of pet names) and Tita Shey (if you’re my nephew/niece). Oh yeah, my college blockmates christened me with “Mean-a,” because they said I was mean in college. I was a sarcastic, I-don’t-care-how-you’d-feel-I’ll-say-whatever-I’m-thinking-I’m-not-going-to-sugarcoat-it-for-you girl. 

4. Ever since I got held up last year (2014), I developed a phobia from suspicious-looking men who put their hands inside their pocket. I always think they’d whip out a knife, the way that guy did in July last year.

5. For someone who claims to love watching movies, I have not seen a single Star Wars or Star Trek movie. I tend to zone out with these films. I’m sorry, Luke.

6. I have been cursed/blessed with the resting bitch face. A friend of a friend told me once that he was supposed to approach me when he saw me on the street, but didn’t because I looked angry at something. No, I wasn’t mad when you saw me. That’s just my default face. Can’t count how many times I’ve been told “you should smile more often.”

7. I believe that if you can’t buy it in cash, then you can’t afford it. At least for the little things, not so much on investments like a house. The only times I bought something in installment was when I bought my laptop and this (old) phone. It’s cause I needed the computer and I can’t afford it before lol. With the phone, I had the money then, I just can’t blow a big amount on a one time basis because I’m kuripot like that.

8. I have a hard time remembering names and faces of people that didn’t leave an indelible mark in my life. You can’t imagine how many “you don’t remember me anymore?” I get from people who I’ve met a long time ago. It’s embarrassing. I’m sorry, my brain tends to do that. 

9. I tend to Google things I don’t understand or unsure about; which is why I get annoyed at people who ask everything on social media. Like dude, Google can give you an answer about most things in 0.00003 seconds. Utilize it.

10. Stay by Lisa Loeb is my ultimate karaoke song. First runner up is Alanis’ Head Over Feet/The Corrs’ Breathless.