November AKA Life Update No One Asked For

November AKA Life Update No One Asked For

I wanted to do a Sunday Currently post, but since it’s a month-ender (wuw may “month-ender” post), let’s just do a “November Currently” or things I did/happened to me this month so my non-existent stalkers can easily know what I’m doing with my life.


Gots to finish Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes” via Audible. I used to want to read actual books, but times are hard man when you’re an adult trying to juggle a lot of things, and the only time you could ever really “read” is during commutes to work and while doing mundane tasks like rearranging your clothes after doing two weeks’ worth of laundry. It’s easier to just plug in your headphones and listen to an audiobook. But Shonda’s book is making me want to buy an actual copy (will buy one soon!) just so I can highlight her thoughts and go back to it whenever I need to. Ooh! Could also be one of my options for this year’s Christmas party office exchange gift!

If you’re a big fan of TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) shows, especially Grey’s Anatomy, you’d love this book more because she references a lot of her stories to the characters she brought to life. Lots of wisdom and would recommend to anyone who would want to reinvent themselves, or you know, if you’re into that “new year, new me” shizz.


This post! Surprisingly, I am able to complete this month’s challenge of writing one post every Sunday!!! YAY ME! But a big chunk of that is all thanks to my ever-reliable friend, Marvie, who messages me every Sunday night to remind me that I need to post something, stat. She’s like my blog editor who hounds me if I don’t post something and I feel guilty so I do it anyway even if pwede ko naman sabihing tinatamad ako. Pero syempre, hindi ko pa ginagawa kasi libangan niya magbasa dito iniisip ko na lang na break niya ito sa pag-aalaga kay Raylee so ano ba naman yung magsulat ako ng ilang paragraphs? So far, okay naman, nakakapag-post pa naman ako. The real problem though is trying to constantly post something that is worthy of reading because I don’t want to waste people’s time reading shit on the internet, we already have Facebook for that, but then I thought this is my page where I just dump all my random thoughts and every blog entry doesn’t always have to be perfect, it’s not as if I have mindblowing stuff happen to me every week – unless I fabricate one – hindi naman teledrama ito, ano?

78164824_791552444603166_3435258127744761856_nMarvie sent me this screencap of her alarm to remind me of my promise hahaha what have I done?

The good thing though is that I’m writing this without Marvie’s prompt, maybe it really does take 21 days to form a habit? Which reminds me, sino kaya sa mga crush ko ang worth it na sendan ng “Good morning” ng 21 straight days tapos hindi ko na sesendan by the 22nd day para lang ma-test ‘tong theory na ito? (Fun fact: Nag-message si Marvie after ko i-type na hindi niya pa ko mine-message to remind me to write).


As I type this, Ben&Ben’s heartbreaking song, Masyado Pang Maaga, is playing in the background. But we’re talking this month ‘no, Spotify said my top artists include Ben&Ben, Reese Lansangan, and Taylor Swift. My most active hour is at 12mn, 39% of my tracks are danceable, my top genres: pop, pop rock, OPM, neo mellow, Pinoy indie, and Pinoy rock. Lovin’ this Spotify algorithm shizz.

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 11.55.38 PMScreen Shot 2019-12-01 at 11.55.28 PM


How it’s already December 2019 and I still haven’t done anything that leads to my ultimate dream of world domination. I got a few friends to boycott Jollibee, Nutriasia, and Regent, (or they try to avoid it when I’m with them) so I guess, baby steps?


nothing, just the smell of my dinner from Souper Hot (which is a little bland tonight, their soups usually taste good, but not tonight), but I’m thinking about that short article I read about how you can’t really tell how your house smells and will only know how it smells when you come back from a vacation and return to that familiar scent. Kasi matagal kang nawala. I’ve always wondered how my house smells, particularly my room, to other people. Friends who have been in my room, anong amoy? I hope it’s not bad at all. I try to use my diffuser as much as I want to naman hahaha!


that I will find peace in everything that I do; that I get to go on another solo trip to the beach, Camiguin, come through!; that we sell a lot of clothes and small items in our concept store hehe come on Laguna peeps, give us your 13th-month pay!; that I will always remember to thank myself. We never really thank ourselves as much as we need to, ‘no? I feel like as much as I say I try to have more self-care activities, I realized sometimes, hindi ko naman kailangan gastusan sarili ko just to feel pampered, minsan kailangan ko lang i-appreciate ang sarili ko for still being the “strong, independent” woman even if minsan talaga gusto mo na lang gumive up.

Also, wishing to experience better mass transport in this lifetime. And see the corrupt officials go down.


that we will win at the SC level sa regularization case namin against GMA. We recently got the good news that CA upheld their initial decision and junked GMA’s appeal, so we’re one step away from winning this labor case we’ve been fighting since 2014. This is going to be a landmark case, wow lakas ko haha, and could be used as a precedent for other media labor cases in the future. To be honest, I just want it to be over and done with so we can all move on from this. Why can’t companies just treat their people right, ‘no? Why do they have to be such scumbags? #endcontractualization #buhaymedia #TAGumpay


shorts and my “Gabriela’s Revenge” shirt from Team Manila. But this month, I’ve been wearing a lot of checkered and gingham, ewan ko ba. Oh yeah, I wasn’t able to complete that challenge where I try to wear every single item of clothing I own before re-wearing clothes again so I’d know which ones to keep and give up on because may mga favorite lang talaga ako haha! But something good came out of that, I’ve taken out at least 1/8 of the clothes I own and will either sell or give them away.


that my friends still remember me whenever they need a writer for their projects. Just goes to show that when you do your job well and right, people will continue to want to work with you. So kids, do not send half-assed outputs. Not cool.


to save more. I updated my budgeting system, and so far, so good. And wanting to sleep earlier, I really need to train my body to sleep early. And wanting to meet up with friends often. That quick Tagaytay trip this one weekend really perked me up. And wanting for this hormonal acne to stop. 2019 has not been good to my skin. I want my 2017 clear skin back.


a much-deserved vacation after a hard daysssss night. It’s not just the day job, but side jobs, and tita duties. And my overthinking and overanalyzing things. Fuck it. The only good side that comes out of this is that I get distracted from things that usually bug me when my mind is not thinking about work i.e. my crippling self-doubt.



Meh. November had its ups and downs. I’m mostly just waiting for myself to be able to sing Taylor Swift’s “I Forgot That You Existed” and actually mean it.


Inabutan na ng Monday ‘tong post. Inabutan na rin ng Disyembre. Meri Krismas, mga Kapuso!

17 thoughts on “November AKA Life Update No One Asked For

    1. Hello! Shoot. Di ako masyado fan ng ebooks. Huhu. I usually get hard copies e, old school reader ako. There was a time that I got into reading biographies. Sobrang na-enjoy ko yung Wild ni Cheryl Strayed at Into The Wild ni Jon Krakauer. Both ended up having their own film counterparts. May nabili ako before The Happiness Pursuit, okay din yun. Nakaka-inspire kasi collection of stories ng iba’t ibang tao about their own life quests ang ganda! Ka-inspire na hanapin sarili mong quest and yung If I Knew Then What I Knew Now, tungkol naman ito sa mga payo ng mga CEOs and other successful people in their fields. Kung mahahanap mo yung mga ebooks nila, sana mabasa mo. Puro hard copy ang meron ako e. Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚


    1. Hindi ko pa yata napo-post. Pero yun nga I tend to stop supporting companies na masama sa employees. I mean, marami naman talaga sila. Pero yung mga glaring talaga, hindi ko na sinusuportahan like Jollibee, Nutriasia and recently itong Regent na. I’m coming from a personal experience din kasi na may kaso kami sa GMA ng regularization so malapit ang puso ko sa mga kapwa-manggagawa na forever na lang contractual. Iwas-iwas na lang talaga ako. Hehe. Ayun. Re pag-boycott sa mga use of single plastic, nagdadala na lang ako ng mga reusables ko, hirap din kasi talaga iwasan fully. Parang magagawa mo lang mag-zero waste pag ikaw na talaga magtanim ng sarili mong kakainin e no? At mag-alaga ng sarili mong baka, baboy, isda. Legit farm to table.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the clarification, char. Parang hindi madaling makaiwas gumamit ng mga single use. Mahirap magkaroon ng pagbabago kung isang tao lang ang gagawa tapos yung malalaking kumpanyang top producer ng mga plastic ay ganun pa din.

        Ang hirap din maghanap ng sustainable suppliers di ba? Narealize ko na hindi rin sustainable and way ng pangigisda natin. Kesyo malaki o maliit ang butas ng net ay hindi pala sya sustainable kaya nagkakaubusan ng isda sa Pinas at wala na mahuli yung ibang mangingisda (ayon sa mga napapanood kong documentary). Ayun, napunta na sa isda ang usapan.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sobrang totoo! Kahit anong gawin natin na iwas sa single use kung ayaw nila, ang hirap e. Hopeful na lang din ako na marami ng nagko-call out sa mga big companies at nagta-try na tumanggi. Buti nga ung ibang supermarkets nag-a-allow na gumamit ka ng sarili mong lalagyan, even a few milk tea places sa sariling tumbler ganyan. Unti-unti lang din. Gusto ko nga matuto mag-compost kaso walang lugar sa bahay e parang okay siya kung may backyard ka kasi mabaho rin daw haha. Ayoko naman mamaho sa apartment.

        Ahaha! Oo. Hindi ko na nga alam anong dapat bang gawin natin feeling ko aayos lang ulit mundo pag nawala lahat ng tao haha tayo lang talaga sumisira sa environment e. Grabe ung waste.


      3. Calling Thanos. Char.

        Feeling ko sobrang lala din ng kaso sa Pilipinas. It’s down to education of the people din kasi. Yung laki ng population natin, kung lahat na educate tungkol sa single use plastic, malaki magiging pagbabago. Pero happy ako na may nakikita ako sa palengke namin at least gumagamit ng ecobag. HAHA.

        Wag ka na magcompost sa apartment niyo haha.


      4. True. Kasi kung lahat din sana mag-segregate no? Or may incentive kapag nag-recycle ka or something ganyan or tulad sa ibang bansa na mataas ang bayad sa mga PET bottles tas pag nirecycle may babalik na pera sa yo ganyan.

        Hirap magcompost pinanood ko sa YouTube yoko na muna gawin. Haha!

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