Dear Andres

Dear Andres

Here’s a filler post because I wanted to write a January look back kaso ang haba nga pala ng January and I’m currently bingeing a K drama so next week na lang siguro. Hihi.


Andres, the youngest in our family was recently baptized. His parents asked his godparents for virtues they wish to impart to Andres ala Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Virtues should be virtues they possess. They are also accountable for this value, which means kapag lumaking taliwas sa sinabi nila ang bata, sila ang may kasalanan. Lol.

Anyway, here’s Tita/Ninang Shey’s speech for our little chubby wubby chubaboy:



Little Supremo,

My gift shall be the gift of “truthiness” (ahaha inside joke) TRUTHFULNESS. I wish that you grow up to be honest. In everything that you say and do. Sabi nga ni Dolores Umbridge, “I must not tell lies.” And so I want you to speak the truth. Like Tita Shey. You will not have a lot of friends in the process, as I’ve experienced, but that’s okay. You will be able to weed out fake friends and just have true friends in the long run. So tell the truth, even if it hurts. This is why I always tell you na ang taba mo na. Charot.

I would also want you to always, always stand for truth. We (your parents, ninongs, and ninangs) are here to answer your questions to the best our abilities. The internet is there for you to fact-check. Do not spread fake news. Be discerning. Do not fail Gat Andres Bonifacio, you are named after him for a reason: he fought for the truth. Atin ang Pilipinas, atin ang WPS. So if you grow up to be a DDS, a Marcos apologist or a Delawan, I swear to God, ibabalik ko ang kandila mo. Chos.

Lastly, I’d like for you to seek your truth. Whether you want to be a doctor, a comedian, a director, or a pokemon, if it will give you true happiness, I will support you 100%.

And so, when you’re 18, I will also tell you the truth na nakasulat sa diary, that I am your real mother. (also an inside joke)


DSCF3764Mones and Gonzales clan

Thank you, Tito Chris and Tita Vanessa of Spaghetti Sunday for the photos!

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