Chasing Realities

The B-side in this girl's story.

Isang Pagpapakilala. Ang Pasimuno.



The author is a rookie in this thing called life. Overwhelmed by the crazy things life throws at her, she uses this site as a form of therapy; a haven, an escape, her own “sumbungan ng bayan”.

She can be offensively honest that some people call her mean and tactless. But she takes it as a compliment since nobody can ever be really true to the people behind them (if there are, saints!). She, however, also takes it as a liability, that people think of her in a bad light when she just wants them to hear out the sometimes sad and bitter truth.

She could also be a little coward she couldn’t even tell her crush that she admires him. And God, she is twenty-something for crying out loud.

She’s a fairly opinionated person and can be a little crass sometimes, so this would be the pure evil side of her.  Or not.

She may give you tips on things she learned the hard way; like getting in the company she’s pining for forever, getting a seat on congested MRT, buses and even getting passports in this crazy government institution, fashion and beauty tips, except for that thing called love. Teach her instead about that.

She’s a cynic, who believes in happily ever afters; a nomad who has lived her life for more than twenty years in the same address; a material girl who doesn’t have a penny in her bank; an idiot, who has a low tolerance for stupidity; a conservative who thinks radically; a dreamer, believer, and hopefully a survivor, who never imagined herself being in that artista search show, Starstruck.

Ultimately, she believes in irony, and how it pisses off other people who understands the real meaning of the word.

So here goes. Another spot in this web. Crossing her fingers that she can keep this one up.

Be it be known though, that whatever she writes in here does not reflect the company she works in, her religion and the whatnot. This is her brain’s diarrhea, and yes, my dear, she’s had the guts to let the whole world smell how it stinks.

Violent reactions? Questions? More of me? Message me in these platforms:

Twitter: @carrrrmina


Instagram: @carrrrmina



7 thoughts on “Isang Pagpapakilala. Ang Pasimuno.

  1. hi carmina, angelo here.
    musta. napupunta ka ba sa quezon city?
    bka lang kasi may chance pwede ka mameet personal.
    good day.😊


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